Chris F. Michel
Im Schatten der Dämmerung
December 11th 2015 – January 23rd 2016

Chris F. Michel's work opens on a subjective and surreal Universe with the use of black & white film processing, traditional photographic techniques and chemistry experiments including ink drawing, digital art and painting. Images end in themselves, there is no objective values to be found, nor captions pretending to be a social commentary. His work is the result of a form of emancipation of photography from its limitations concerning the representation of reality. The images deal with themes such as restlessness, childhood unconsciousness and oneirism where memories and fiction collide.

Chris F. Michel has exhibited his works in solo/group shows internationally in Italy, France, Poland, Germany, Switzerland and United Kingdom. In 2009 he was awarded with the Renaissance Art Prize, Fotosintesi SiFest and Fotoleggendo Festival.

Opening reception
Decemeber 10th 2015, 7 pm
Laudatio: Elke Tesch